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Asia-Pacific Management Accounting Association

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APMAA Award and Prize Winners (2010-)

Outstanding Contribution Award 

 The Board of Council selects an individual whose contributions, innovations, or leadership has generated a significant and fundamental improvement to the nature of APMAA.

   2010 Recipients: Prof & Dr.Akira Nishimura, Past President (2004-2009)


Award to APMAA Conference Organizers

Recipients at the 2010 Forum (hosted by National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

      Prof & Dr. Yang-Tzong Tsay, Chair of the Forum Organizing Team
Prof. & Dr. Suming Lin, Chair of Accounting Department of NTU.

Recipients at the 2011 Conference (hosted by Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia)

Award to a Keynote Speaker

   Recipient at the 2010 Forum

         Mr. H. M. Cheng, CFO, HTC Corporation, Taiwan

   Recipients at the 2011 Conference

Research Encouragement Prize (Best Paper Award)

The best paper presented at Ph.D. Colloquium is selected by the review-team.

Recipient at the 2011 Ph.D. Colloquium