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Asia-Pacific Management Accounting Association

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A Proposal of APMAA 2012 Operations

 -Enhancing Visibility and Sustainable Growth- 

After inauguration of the president on January 1, 2010, several initiatives are underway in order to recruit new members to APMAA and to assure its survival.

The initiatives have enabled APMAA to enhance its visibility further not only in Asia Pacific region but also in the rest of the world.

It is the time for APMAA to establish steady governance with a clearly-defined organization structure so that we can sustain the organized growth.

  Thus, this tentative proposal for 2012 APMAA operations expects each of you assume a bigger role. The focal point is an introduction of committees that aim to share APMAA’s diversified functions among us. The committee system enables us to work more smoothly towards hosting annual conferences and challenging new events, new seminars, etc. I hope that all of you will engage in multiple-committee activities.

Let’s work together to transform the above ideas into reality. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  July 20, 2011

  Susumu Ueno
  President, APMAA



Annual Conference Committee (Chair, Ueno)

The Annual Conference is a major event that takes place in a different country during November each year. This offers a unique opportunity for presenting research and finding out what colleagues in the fields of management and accounting are doing. In addition, the conference provides a friendly and sociable context in which to meet colleagues from other countries, to formulate joint research projects, and generally to keep in touch with Asia-Pacific trends in education and research.

Chair of 2011 Conference:  Prof.  Ibrahim Kamal Rahman (Malaysia, 200 participants, 100 from overseas)
Chair of 2012 Conference:  Prof. Fu (China, 250 participants, 99 from overseas)
Chair of 2013 Conference:  Prof. Kimura (Japan, 300 participants, 100 from overseas)
Chair of 2014 Conference: Prof. Ahn (Korea, 300 participants, 100 from overseas )
2015-2023  Conferences: Thai, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, China, Japan   

Membership Committee
(Chair, Ueno)

The Committee members comprise of chairs of national/regional chapters. The committee plans to provide service that meets local needs.

The mission of a chairs of national/regional chapter is:
(1) to manage his/her chapter (membership list, annual fee, APMAJ copy distribution)
(1) to increase APMAA numbers of the chapter,
(2) to provide local
service such as seminars, etc.
(3) to arrange an APMAA annual conference

Japan chapter starts 2012 (Full membership / associate (dues-free) membership). Full members (JY5,000 membership fee) receive full-benefits including copies of APMAJ.  (2012 Goal 100 members )

Korea Chapter Chair: Taesik Ahn  (2012 Goal 60 members )

Taiwan Chapter Chair: Yang Tzong Tsay (2012 Goal 40 members )

China Chapter Chair:  Yiming Hu) (2012 Goal 100 members )

Malaysia Chapter Chair:  Normah Omar (2012 Goal 40 members )

Thailand  Chapter Chair:  Supapon Lurkitikul  (2012 Goal 40 members )

Indonesia Chapter Chair: Grahita Chandrarin  (2012 Goal 40 members)

Hong Kong Chapter Chair: Lin Zhijun (2012 Goal 10 members )

Singapore  Chapter Chair: Shih Sheng-Hua  (2012 Goal 10 members )

Oceania Chapter Chair: Roger Willett  (2012 Goal 30 members )

North America and Europe Chapter Chair: Paul Scarbrough (2012 Goal 40 members )

Conference Paper Review Commission

The commission reviews annual conference papers. It also call for and select conference discussants and session chairs of annual conferences.

Close cooperation with the chair of an annual conference organizing team is expected.

Summit Meeting Committee

The 2011conference introduces “The 1stt Summit Meeting” The meeting builds up a federation by academic associations in the region. It organizes panel discussion sessions at APMAA and AAA annual conferences.)

Doctoral Colloquium Committee

The 2011conference in Malaysia is “The 1stt Doctoral Colloquium.


Awards Committee

Choose award recipient’ papers (a winner and/or a runner-up) among the APMAJ. (The recipients are given a plaque (and cash) at an award ceremony of the annual conference.  (USD300 to a winner; USD 100 to a runner-up)

Scientific Committee


organize research project teams and publish research results to APMAJ Special Issues, monographs, etc.

Industrial-academic-research cooperation

Accounting Profession Committee

Promote collaboration with major professional organizations, such as CIMA, IMA, etc, in the region. The activities are conducted mainly by professional members.

IFRS Analysis Committee

IFRS provides and define performance measures for investors and companies. Thus tracing IFRS is an essential part to management accounting.

Asia-Pacific Management Accounting Journal (APMAJ) Committee

 (An editorial meeting by coordinators is held once a year. Promotion activities on APMAA NEWS and annual conferences)

How do we share jobs (editing and circulation) among Editors and Editorial Board Members and committee members? Circulation is another urgent issue for us.

Improve journal rating : We have difficulties in attracting appropriate papers.

APMAA News Committee

2012 Chief editor: Paul Scarbrough

We have difficulties in attracting articles and members’ profiles.. It is necessary for an APMAA News chair to establish a solid distribution system. Close cooperation with each of national chapters are important for the purpose.

APMAA 10th Anniversary (2013) Committee

Chair: Susumu Ueno (Edit Power Point Slides of all past APMAA Annual Forums)

APMAA Secretariat

Treasurer: Nobuo Yazawa (managing USD50 annual membership fee that is paid by a participant of each annual conference)
Wee Shu Hui