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  Model APMAA Annual Conference, edited on June 19, 2016

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  Past Conference Registration Fee and Hotel (2014-2010)  

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Guidelines for an APMAA Annual Conference

               Published and effective on March 28, 2011                       

                        Reviewed on November 16, 2014


This is a manuscript that provides Guidelines for an APMAA Annual Conference to future conference host schools. 

Applying Annual Conference, and Determining a Venue and Date
1. A school/university that wants to host an annual conference must send its proposal of intent to all  APMAA representative directors and president at least 3 years before the planned conference date. The proposal includes a conference objective and its theme, a conference and doctoral colloquium schedules, hotel and accommodations, transportation, budget simulations, a name list of conference organizing team etc. 

2. The host and venue of the forthcoming Conference should be announced 24 months before the conference date.

3. Conference Date should be determined by 13 months before the conference.

 Conference Homepage opened and APMAA NEWS Special Issues edited by the host school

Please refer to http://apmaa2014.acc.chula.ac.th/Programme.aspx for sample structure 

Contents and Structure

Home: Welcome to the APMAA 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand

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Call for Papers

Important Dates

Conference Venue
Conference Organizers
Doctoral Colloquium

Paper Submissions

Conference Registration (Fee, Payment Methods)

Accommodation and Transportation

 Call for Papers, CMT and Programs

  1. Call for Papers Announcement

First announcement on APMAA Website and APMAA News should be 12 months before conference date. All local APMAA members should disseminate the announcement either through local mailing lists, local conferences, local professional journals or AIB-L (is brought to you by the Academy of International Business: For information: http://aib.msu.edu/community/aib-l.asp. To post message: aib-l@list.msu.edu), etc.

2. Conference CMT should be opened 10 month before the conference.

The use of Conference CMT is highly recommended.  Both primary and secondary subject areas in Concurrent track should be carefully developed so that it could facilitate to classify accepted papers into groups, and assign discussants and moderators effectively. The CMT site that is developed carefully makes it easy to administer a conference program too). 

Conference Management Toolkit (CMT)

3. Submission Due Date for First Full-papers is set at 5 months before the conference date. Acceptance and Rejection Notice should be sent 4 months before the conference date.. 

4. Submission Due Date for Proceedings paper is set at 3 months before the conference date.  

5. First Draft for Conference Program should be completed by 2 months before the conference date by the host/hostess in charge of annual conference. The draft should immediately be sent to Chair of the Board of Directors, President and Vice-presidents. The Tentative Conference Program should be uploaded on conference web-site two months before the conference date and be updated every one week. A note should be emailed timely to presenters, discussants and moderators to solicit their confirmation of the program and also encourage an early payment of the conference fees. Notice them that their name will be deleted from the tentative program if full payment of the conference fees will not be completed by three weeks before the conference.

7. Hard bound Conference Program, Abstract Book and Participant List, and USB Proceedings should be distributed to all conference participants. 

Model APMAA Annual Conference, edited on June 19, 2016

This file provides an instruction about how to prepare an annual conference as a conference host. It includes a model for program outlook and others. In addition to visiting past APMAA conference pages in this websites, please refer to this file when you will organize an APMAA conference as a host.


Conference Participation Fee and Membership Fee

1. Participation Fee is $300. The fee ($300) comprises a Conference Fee and an APMAA Membership[N1]  fee ($30-50, up to host school’s decision) that assigned to finance APMAA operation costs. 
   Past Conference Registration Fee and Hotel (2014-2010)  

Credit card payment, Bank payment and Cash payment.

The advance payment (this payment is non-refundable) must be paid in the full amount (Participation Fee: USD300; Student Participation Fee: USD 150) by 30 September.

(International Participants) Please let us know your payment by email (at conference chair) immediately after you finish your bank transfer procedure with the information on Name (First/given, middle, and last/family), Title, Institutional Affiliation, Country and Email. The information is used to develop Name badge and a Participants' list for the conference. We cannot identify you if you fail to send us the message. Also please bring a copy of your bank payment at the conference registration desk. 
The Organizer of the APMAA Annual conference will send letters of invitation only to the participants who completed full payment
by 30 September upon request

On-site payment
If you pay on site, you are required to pay USD 400 cash (for student; USD 200 cash).