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  Uploaded on June 12, 2017  

Asia-Pacific Management Accounting Association

 2018 (14th) Annual Conference 

Conference Date (Tentative): October 29th(Monday) – November 1st(Thursday), 2018

Venue: International Conference Center, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan 

Tsuji, Masao,
Professor, Nagoya University of Commerce & Business; 
Professor Emeritus of Waseda University

Dr. Masao Tsuji is currently a faculty of Department of Accounting & Finance, Nagoya University of Commerce & Business (NUCB) in Japan. His major research areas include management control, business analysis and valuation, and accounting policies by management. Dr. Tsuji serves on the board of APMAA as a senior director in 2016. Dr. Tsuji would like to continue sharing and exchanging research insights among the APMAA members and encouraging his colleagues to take a more active part in the APMAA activities (APMAA News No. 25, May 1, 2017).

Oshika, Tomoki,
Professor, Faculty of Commerce, Waseda University

As we expect to hold the 2018 APMAA conference in Japan, I have no doubt that the 2017 conference in Shanghai will be really important to us. I will try to gather all available information on every stage of organizing the Shanghai conference to make sure that the 2018 conference will be perfectly prepared (APMAA News No.24, January 1, 2017).

Tentative Program

Monday, October 29 (Day 1)

Board Meeting (09.00-12.00)
Doctoral Colloquium (13.30- 15.00; 15.20-16.50) 45 min 8 students (2 rooms)Welcome Reception (18.00-20.00) 

Tuesday, October 30 (Day 2)

Opening (09.00-09.40)  picture taking
Two keynote Speeches (10.00-10.40; 11.50-11.30)  40 min times 2
Lunch (12.00-13.30)
Four Panel Sessions (13.30-15.00; Break; 15.30-17.00)  90 min times 4 (2 rooms)

Wednesday, October 31 (Day 3)

Parallel sessions (3 presentations times 6 rooms times 4 sessions = 72 presentations )
Session A (09.00-.930; 9.30-10.00; 10.00-10.30) 15 mim presentation and 10 mim discussions  (3 persons times 6 rooms)


Session B(10.20-.10.50; 10.50-11.20; 11.20-11.50) 15 mim presentation and 10 mim discussions
Session C(13.20-.13.50; 13.50-14.20; 14.20-14.50) 15 mim presentation and 10 mim discussions
Session D(15.10-.15.40; 15.40-16.10; 16.10-16.40) 15 mim presentation and 10 mim discussions

Thursday, November 1 (Day 4)

 Cultural and Company Visits (09.30-16.00)

Conference Hotel: RIHGA Royal Hotel Tokyo (  is situated in Waseda, a land of culture and tradition, adjacent to Okuma Garden offering beautiful views of season's landscapes.