Ce projet consistea montrer les oeuvres video de trois jeunes artistes francais et japonais de facon ponctuelle.
3video rooms
 @ MAISON D'ART Paris  japanese

From February 27th to March 17th,18:00-21:00 (rendez vous:14:00-18:00)
February 27th - 3th/ Atsunobu KOHIRA、
March 6th - 10th / Makiko WADA、
March 13 th- 17th /Emric Paul
The three young artists from Ecole des Beaux Arts will realize their unique world in installation using mainly video in the space of MAISON D'ART. Each artist has one week and the exhibition cotinues three weeks.
And we sell the DVDs of the artwork.

This project consists of showing the video works of three young French and Japanese artists. Each artisthas one week to to present their video works and to create an space of installation, "video room."It's interesting to seea series of solo exhibitions on the same theme from different aspect. The project of "3 video room" will play an important role in the creation of contemporary art.


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