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Peter Paul's nursery is one of the oldest nurseries on the web. Their owners wrote two fine books on the cultivation of carnivorous plants (well, fine except for some embarrassingly foolish anti-conservation statements in the second book). Unfortunately, I must give their nursery a whole-hearted negative rating. Why? I will let you read some of the letters that have appeared in the carnivorous plant discussion group. I do not identify the authors on this page, but you can still find these letters in the discussion group archives if you wish. The first letter has a clarifying note included by me, demarked by (((....))).

(Do you understand that I wish to avoid being sued? But that I have the necessary documentation and contacts to prove my case in the event that such a suit is attempted?)

You can find ways to buy many plants from much more reliable and ethical nurseries from the FAQ Library.



Date: Wed, 1 Feb 1995 18:03:16 +0500

Subject: Peter Paul's / mass raping the land.

My name is XXXXXXXX XXXXXX and I wanted to let fellow CP'ers to be aware of the following events that transpired between Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx (sp?) and myself three years ago.

(((The reference to Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx is to the owner of Peter Paul's)))

I called him and wanted to buy misc. CP (cephalotus/ darlingtonia etc....) and mentioned that I was planning to go on a trip down south to see CP in their native habitat. The main purpose of the trip was to collect seed of the SE pinguicula so I could establish those species into my collection.

He then offered me .50 cents for as many as 300 of each species of sariacenia that I could collect. Even though I needed money, there was no way that I would mass rape the land and put even more stress on these endangered plants.

Several months prior to this phone call, I was planning a trip to see Niagra Falls, and noticed that I would be passing his house on the way. I was told he would not let me in to see his plants because he did not have insurance. I now suspect he simply didn't want me to see that he really doesn't have any plants in there. He gets the plants in and fills the orders that have accumulated. (Does he really grow plants other than darlingtonia and cephalotus). But then again, why bother growing the plants when he can get "suckers" to pick them from the wild? He risks nothing and offers near nothing in exchange. Whoever is caught collecting the plants will have to deal with the law. What a nice position for him to be in.

Just wanted to let you all know where the plants from Peter Paul's really come from.


From: Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxx
Subject: Peter Paul's


I have been keeping my dealings with Peter Paul's to myself. However, Xxx'x story has prompted me to come forward.

I am big in to getting kids to grow CP. I have a nice size group of kids whom I encourage. Several of them have been quite taken with my Nepenthes collection, primarily my N.rafflesiana. Several years ago (about 4 or 5) I gave them Peter Paul's brochure and it had a listing for an N.rafflesiana. It was a bit pricey (for a kid), so I subsidized the purchase.

The plant we received from Peter Paul's was _not_ an N.rafflesiana. This thing was a pure bred mutt. It seemed to have a bit of N.gracilis in it. Instead of dealing with this place further, I made a cutting of my plant and helped root it (more of a learning experience anyway).

This Nepenthes is still cluttering up my collection. It has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. It has _huge_ internodal distances and thin leaves with small traps. Truly a plant only a mother could love.

This is not the only shady deal with Peter Paul's I have heard of. I would suggest you steer clear, at least when it comes to Nepenthes. There are plenty of good, honest dealers. If anyone would like a listing, I would be happy to give you a copy.



Date: Wed, 1 Feb 1995 20:12:55 -0500 (EST)
From: Xxxxxx Xxxxxx
Subject: Re: Peter Paul's

I too have a bad experience with Peter Paul's

I once needed to get a lot of live sphagnum moss in a hurry and didn't really want to go out and collect some (lots and lots near here) so I ordered a bushel from Peter Paul's. I called them up and said I needed a bushel quickly and was it possible. They said "No problem, if you pay by Visa will send it out tomorrow" fine I said and thought I'd have it in a couple days. I'm only 200 km from them and the post should be quick. 2 weeks later still hadn't received my moss. Called them up, "Sorry, we ran out the day you called but are getting more today. We'll send it out tomorrow." 2 weeks later moss still isn't here but Visa bill is, they charged it the day I called. I called them up and got the same song. This went on for 2 whole months when I finally got my soggy box with a garbage bag full of moss. There was lots of ants and cranberry and sticks and grass and whatever.


...once bitten, twice shy...


From: Xxxxx
Subject: Peter Paul's..... Yet again

Xxxxx Xxxxx mentioned another thing that I have also encountered: plant id from Peter Paul's. I can't tell you how many stories I have heard about their sending incorrectly named plants. But then again, if he doesn't grow the plants in the first place, how is he supposed to know what they are?

I forgot to mention one other thing. He also offered me .50 to .75 cents for each drosera/ping (from other countries) that I could send him. I was truly offended. Needless to say, I did not take him up on this offer either.

He told me flat out that he is only interested in this for the money. I think it is a real shame. I grow these plants because I really find them fascinating. I still get excited watching a VFT close around an insect! Pardon me for venting here, I just think everyone should know.


From: Xxxxxxx
Subject: Peter Paul's

I have to put my input in here about Peter Paul's. I have heard MANY bad stories about this guy, although the field collecting one is a first.

I have called him up myself and gotten the same insurance excuse and I've also gotten mislabelled plants from this guy.

In short, I would STRONGLY advise against buying anything from him.

my $.02


Another thread on Peter Paul's in the carnivorous plant newsgroup inspired Chris Frazier to write them a public letter....

Date: Fri, 21 Jul 1995 12:24:15 -0600
From: cfrazie@unm.edu (Chris Frazier)
To: ppnurse@eznet.net
Cc: cp@opus.hpl.hp.com
Subject: Your collection practices

Dear sirs at Peter Pauls Nursery,

On and off on the carnivorous plant listserve people have occasionally raised questions concerning your collection practices. Some have stated that you or people working for you may collect from the wild, indifferent to the effect this may have on the native populations of carnivorous plants. I have also read posting which suggest that you should not be listed among our resources for obtaining plants which we provide for all CP enthusiasts. Others have suggested that disclaimers be added next to your name in our listings. Still others have thought that by being kept in the fold, you might change your ways, if indeed your practices are as suggested. Another recent suggestion has been made that all suppliers listed in our resources be asked to make clear the origin of their material and that it be certified as not the product of illegal collection. Through all this I have hoped for some reply from your organization, but as far as I know there has been none. As a personal matter, I do not care to see such weighty allegations go unchallenged.

As the page keeper for the Carnivorous Plants Archive Page (URL = http://randomaccess.unm.edu/www/cp/cparchive.html) I have given link to your beautiful and well organized homepage since its creation. Though I cannot say how many people have accessed your catalog via this path, I do know that the archive has been accessed over a thousand times since I put your link in. Though I as yet have taken no stand as to the questions that have been raised or to the proposed actions, I do say that I believe you must answer to these questions directly, in the spirit of openness and for the benefit of the mutual concern and love for carnivorous plants which brings us together.

If you please, you can respond to me directly at the address above, however a posting to the listserve at cp@opus.hpl.hp.com would pass your thoughts to many concerned people all at once.


Chris Frazier

And Peter Paul's responded! Enjoy the adversarial tone, and amuse yourself by seeing how many spelling errors you can count!

Date: Fri, 21 Jul 1995 21:20:21 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Peter Paul's Nursery" ppnurse@eznet.net
To: Chris Frazier cfrazie@unm.edu
Cc: cp@opus.hpl.hp.com
Subject: Re: Your collection practices

We popagated many of our plants, we buy, trade etc. We used to collect some plants, but we do not collect any now. Our suppliers claim to propagate plants. One of th big problems in this area is that some people insist that propagation must be in a grenhouse and not in a field. in this vien many tree nurseries do not propagate because it is not done in a greenhous, a rather stupid out look.

All I can say is that you people do what you must and we will do the same.


But still the letters keep coming. The complaints against Peter Pauls are not limited to their plants. Here is some feedback I was sent regarding their terraria...

From daemon Tue Apr 23 18:31:44 1996
Subject: Peter Paul Complaint


I thought I'd relate a recent problem with PETER PAULS NURSERY.

My wife ordered a $78.00 carnivorous plant greenhouse from his catalog. The catalog shows a nice looking base, frame and array of plants which we thought would look nice in our living room. When the greenhouse arrived we discovered the plastic covering was really a "crinkley" clear vinyl plastic, quite different than the window effect we inferred from the picture in his catalog, and definitely not suitable for placement in our living room.

We called Peter three separate times attempting to return it. He stood on small print in the ordering section of the catalog saying greenhouses weren't returnable due to problems with damage to the plastic from other returns (other dissatisfied customers?) and refused to take it back. We went back and forth and I finally said I'd dispute the charge with Visa. His response: "You're welcome to try".

Visa will do nothing as the description of the item in the catalog states "clear bakelite vinyl plastic" and their regulations won't support disputes based on innacurate pictures, even though the picture is a real misrepresentation of the product. The use of the term "bakelite" is nevertheless arguable as I assumed this meant "rigid", but I doubt we would have gotten anywhere with it.

Bottom line, Peter's attitude and "customer response" to us in this case was outrageous, and judging from other Internet correspondences, quite typical.

I considered establishing and registering with the major search engines a web site "PETER PAULS NURSERIES CAUTION" carrying this sad tale and links to other complaints. This would show up alphabetically just beneath his site-listing on all searches. In the end, I decided it just wasn't worth the aggravation, but I'll never order from PETER PAULS NURSERY again and would ask you to post this letter on your site to warn others about the greenhouse.

In any case, my best to you and Chris in your honorable endeavors.

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